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Slitting Machine Performance And Characteristics
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The paper slitter is a paper processing equipment that slits and rewinds wide webs into rolls of varying widths and diameters. Widely used in the paper processing industry or prepress printing machinery.

        1. Paper slitting machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen, magnetic powder clutch tension control, center winding method.

        2. The host computer adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. It can automatically count meter and alarm stop. The tension numbers are all displayed on the touch screen.

        3. Unwinding uses photoelectric automatic correction (or ultrasonic correction) to correct the neatness of the paper, so that the irregular material can be cut normally.

        4. Round knife (or straight knife) slitting, automatic waste discharge device.

        5. Manual (or pneumatic) loading. The reel is equipped with a sleeve-type inflatable shaft (3〞 or 6〞).

        6. Winding adopts A and B axes (air expansion type).