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Printer Time
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The basic working principle of the inkjet printer is to first generate small ink droplets, and then use the inkjet head to guide the fine ink droplets to the set position. The smaller the ink droplets, the clearer the printed image. The basics seem simple, but they are not that simple to operate. Just as the principle of calculus is not complicated, how does complexity work? The following is a historical record of several breakthroughs in inkjet printer technology.

Time event summary

1976 The world's first inkjet printer was born.

1976 Piezoelectric dot control technology was introduced.

1979 Bubble Jet bubble jet technology came out.

In August 1980, Canon applied its bubble jet technology to its inkjet printer Y-80 for the first time, and began the history of inkjet printers.

In 1991, the first color inkjet printer and large format printer appeared.

In 1994, micro piezoelectric printing technology was introduced.